may nineteenth – an update

feeling infinite

My last day of classes was May 8.

You may call me senpai now. Is that correct? My fiancé and I have been practicing Japanese for our upcoming trip. I am surprised how much I have retained just from decades of consuming Japanese media. Wow!

I have been busy getting my affairs in order this week. Do any feral cats need to be TNR’d? How many times a day should I be posting on TikTok? Which works of writing will I add to my portfolio? Which art?

I’ve been setting up meetings to learn about potential PhD pathways. I’ve been setting up my eCommerce platforms and trying to update everything else on my links page. I’ve been cleaning my gross apartment a little each day, but it still feels like a losing battle. What can you do?!

Lots of spreadsheets are involved. And you know I love a good spreadsheet.

I am feeling well by staying productive. I learned that the inability to relax without doing something productive is a personality trait (or a symptom!)

I’m funemployed now, so I will be implementing some ways to monetize my site because I still dislike using ads. My blog will transition to a premium content feature, but veteran followers will still have access.

I’m also working on turning some of my designs into cute items. I have the tools, I’ve watched the TikToks. Perhaps I will even be brave enough to peddle my indie-created wares. Someday…

Maybe I was meant to be a Girl Boss Babe all along? As long as there are opportunities for naps and reading breaks.

thank you & see you soon!