I always forget to update my blog

Lilac Variety is a lot of work. I think I’ve finally found something that I can do on my own schedule and in my own way.

But the learning curve is even trickier than going back for my Master’s because I have to create all the systems myself.

The thing I’ve started to realize about myself is that I actually love creating systems. Is that related to being a control freak? Even in farming video games like Dreamlight Valley, I always have to strategize and make a working system so my town can run most efficiently.

Look who’s Moody now.

Sometimes it’s fun to see how fast you can create a functioning ecosystem in a farming game. IRL who knows how long it will be before I can make my “perfect schedule.”

Let’s work in updating the blog and studying and socializing and art, too, though.

Omg and cleaning and exercise.

Creative warm up + test print all in one go.

Art has been going okay. I’m working on something interesting but I hope I finish before I get bored with the whole thing.

Oh wait, I always forget to update my shop website, too. :0 I’ve been operating via TikTok Shop and I’m resistant to the drudgery that is building my perfect website.

Relearning all that design robot language plus all the new things. At least when I was making it for my Neopets homepage I was young and my brain was fresh not destroyed by carcinogens and saccharine.

But I am proud of myself and where I am at. Everyone take a second to express gratitude and be proud of your successes. You deserve to let yourself know.

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