by the way, they were NOT bees

Remember when the bees kept getting in my business?

trigger warning for ppl with entomophobia

they were not bees.

they were super bees.

hornets nest moody lilac
massive hornet nest :’)

Also known as bald-faced wasps.

Yes, I did feel bad about their contributions to our ecosystem when they were about to be removed until we learned that this kind of wasp is super aggressive. if you get within 3 feet of its MASSIVE NEST, it is on and popping.

Just avoid the nest you say?

Impossible when the nest is like 4 feet off the ground. Eye-level with our balcony. Dangling precariously from a low branch right outside our front door. Where parents walk their children to the school and parks up and down the street.

RIP wasps/hornets. Sorry.

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